About Our Wool

We keep only our finest, softest wool for A Land of Grass products. We can do this because we shear all of our sheep ourselves.  This gives us a chance to designate each fleece for a specific product


From the time I pile each wool fleece into a tub until I sell a ball of wool roving or wool batting, I feel the same way. Wool from A Land of Grass Ranch is so sensuous that it should be illegal – and probably is in some states.

Our Targhee roving and batting comes from our finest fleeces. We individually test the wool from each sheep. We take only the very fine wool – fewer than 20 microns – and the fine wool – fewer than 23 microns – to our local woolen mill for processing. Our mill uses Dawn dishwashing detergent – no acids involved -- to clean the wool before it is carded. By the time the wool comes back to the ranch, I want to sleep on the bags every night.

Targhee wool makes soft, fluffy sweaters and sumptuous quilts. If a sweater or scarf will be near your skin, use Targhee wool. The long staple length makes this roving easy to spin into yarn.

We also sell batting and roving from our few Suffolk sheep. This wool retains its loft in quilts and does not shrink. Suffolk yarn makes fantastic, durable socks.

Our Cotswold roving makes beautiful rugs, blankets and wall hangings. The fibers are so long that beginning spinners have no problem turning Cotswold into yarn. Even though this wool is coarser than the Targhee, it is still soft enough for a beautiful bulky sweater

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We keep only our finest, softest wool for A Land of Grass products. We can do that because we shear all of our sheep ourselves, instead of hiring a shearing crew.

Yes, shearing stretches a person, both physically and mentally. You hold a potential slicer-dicer in one hand and a throat in the other. You can’t let go of either one or blood might fly and it just might be yours!

Steve shears each sheep after I take off the belly wool. This gives us a chance to designate each fleece for a specific product, examine each ewe and trim each foot. If you ever need – truly need – to work up a dirty sweat, visit us during shearing season. Or you are welcome to enjoy the products from our labor.

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We love wool for so many reasons:

  • Wool breathes so it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Wool wicks away moisture, once again keeping your body temperature even.
  • Wool resists dust mites, mold and mildew so it protects people from those allergies and general nasties.
  • Wool is made up of hollow fibers so it creates a natural climate zone.
  • Wool is fire-resistant. Cotton catches on fire at 120 degrees. Wool has to heat to almost 500 degrees before it ignites. 
  • Wool helps circulation so mattress pads and quilts help people sleep better, especially if they have circulation problems, diabetes, fibromyalgia or heart problems.
  • Wool is durable so your investment lasts a long, long time.

Wool is a natural, renewable resource – Nature’s Own Wonder Fiber!