Where do you ship?

Shipping our wool products is easy!  We can ship all over the US.

Meat products are best shipped to locations that are reachable within two days.  We freezer box the packages so the meat stays cold.  Due to the weight and freezer packing, shipping does add cost.  However, we do offer free local delivery within 100 miles of Conrad, MT!  If you are farther away, please contact us.

What do your livestock eat?

We don’t feed grain to our animals. We don’t raise grain on the ranch. Our livestock eats native grass and the alfalfa hay that we raise.

How lean is your ground beef?

Our ground beef is between 93% and 96% lean. It holds together on the grill, but you won’t see any fat dripping from it.

Why is grass-fed healthy?

We raise grass-fed beef and lamb because we think lean meat is healthier for humans. Research shows that grass-fed beef has a higher ratio of Omega 3 fatty acids. Those good-for-you fatty acids that nutritionists always tout in fish and flax are in grass-fed beef, too. All beef also has Omega 6 fatty acids, but grass-fed beef has fewer Omega 6 and more Omega 3.

Grass-fed beef also is higher in vitamin E and beta carotene.

Is your beef “natural”?

Yes. We do not use antibiotics or artificial growth hormones. If a calf gets sick, of course we give it an antibiotic. Then we send it to the livestock auction after it is weaned. We give our cattle an 8-way vaccine at branding. This vaccine works just like childhood vaccines that we give to babies. It protects them from common diseases so they don’t get sick and need an antibiotic.

How long will meat stay good in my freezer?

You can count on good quality for a year. We use two processors and both wrap our packages in cellophane and then wrap either freezer paper or plastic around that. My husband, Steve, can taste even the slightest hint of freezer burn in old meat and he doesn’t taste it in meat that has been in our freezer for a year.