A Land of Grass Club

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If you have always wanted the opportunity to live life at the ranch, here is your chance.

Club members enjoy a range tour and steak fry, early morning wildlife-watching from an enclosed trailer, a free night at Grandma's House or in our tipi, discounts on our products, an insider newsletter and a chance to learn ranch skills.

Here's how it works:

You will receive an electronic newsletter every two weeks with updates on what is happening at the ranch, tips on how-to's such as shearing, fencing, lambing, calving, harvesting hay or whatever else is going on at the time, and issues in ranching. Dates for club activities will always be in the newsletter.

We'll combine work and fun with a combination of jobs and fun. The jobs will not be too hard and the fun will be memorable.

Sign up for one of 6 annual memberships:

  • General     $90    Participate in all club activities and receive the newsletter
  • Wool         $125General membership plus 3 skeins of our wool yarn
  • Beef          $595General membership plus 1/4 beef
  • Sheepskin $215General membership plus a sheepskin pelt
  • Lamb         $195 General membership plus 1/2 lamb
  • Combo       $895 General membership plus 1/4 beef & whole lamb

When you're ready for a new adventure at A Land of Grass, contact Lisa to sign up -- or learn more!